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Maggi For Malaysians

What exactly is Maggi?

Began in Switzerland and settled in Malaysia after self-reliance, Maggi is famous for food items like fast noodles and seasonings liked by Malaysians. One of our results is making Rare metal for your 2019 Putra Brand name Awards 2019 under Nestle. Malaysians love to use Maggi because it is a halal food item that can undoubtedly make cooking resepi nasi lemak a cinch.

Things to Get From Maggi

The favoured Maggi incorporates immediate noodles in numerous flavours such as poultry and curry. We also have oyster sauce and chilli marinade traditionally used as condiments or perhaps to boost the style of meals. Our seasoning features, including chicken and beef cubes, make cooking effortless, and our combined and quick noodles are for you to prepare dishes rapidly.

Our Must-Attempt Recipes

We also give you a brochure of dishes made simple with Maggi products. If you are searching for tasty fowl recipes, you can attempt our sambal chicken breast in soy marinade or poultry rendang made delicious with CukupRasa. For beef fans, we also have recipes for tasty beef fried noodles and beef dendeng manufactured better with our stock cubes.

Maggi MY

Quick Food With Maggi

Assist a delicious and fast rice recipe in no headache with the CukupRasa, like our Chinese fried rice. We also provide quality seafood recipes, like shrimps with spicy and bitter flavours from MAGGI Tomyum Mixture. Looking for a much healthier substitute? Try out our organic dishes like fried kangkung belacan or salted seafood kailan with this anchovy cube.

Global Style With Maggi

Cuisines around the world can be provided in your own home with Maggi. Attempt our quality recipes for western meals like mac and cheeses or meatloaf, or even the types in the East like kung pao chicken breast and mix-fry beef with this premix. Create a fast teriyaki fowl with the recipe to get a style of China, or use our marinade and stock cubes to produce your Chicken Arab Rice.

Special Projects with Maggi

Maggi items are so globally preferred that it has been contained in treat dishes in many parts around the globe. A traditional Indian rice pudding with milk products named kheer has included Maggi’s instant noodles. Additionally, home prepares have tried to make snack food quality recipes like potato chips with Maggi merchandise.

Instructions and Recommendations From Maggi

Have a better quality time with your family by following our food preparation guidelines. From knowing just what is the excellent pair for the pasta, frying a fish like professionals, to earning food that saves your time, dollars, and wellness, we have now all of it to suit your needs. Also, you can learn how to handle your cooking food area by decluttering your home with MAGGI.

Choose Maggi Now

Make Maggi your option to prepare an easy and fast meal prepping in your house. Products from Maggi could make several dishes complete in feasible strategies to help you prepare food with nearly anything obtainable in your kitchen pantry. Our sizeable selection of resepi nasi lemak can also help you escape menu ruts as they encourage anyone to get cooking food tips.

Your Modern Day Lifestyle Information

Nowadays, as this grows older, lifestyle blogs are the key to looking at resources for anyone inside the digital era. Everybody is now actively seeking to fulfil their lifestyles simply with certain mouse clicks. With access to the Internet, you may directly visit blogs to determine ideas to boost your residences, such as travelling, food, personal insurance coverage and a whole bunch more.

At AIG, we treatment to fulfil these demands for you personally with this new weblog. You can get all lifestyle ideas and guides covering various subject areas. Get a collection of reading-through resources covering food, loved ones’ problems, personalized well-being, and much more. Get everything you want in just one cease in this article.

Looking to figure out ways to enhance your residence? Want to accomplish specific desired goals in your own life? Check out our lifestyle segment to find plenty of tips about residing your lifestyle to the maximum. AIG provides you observations on the best way to attain a lot more for the best away from your managing our form of life tutorials in this article.

AIG Malaysia

AIG cares to ensure you have the finest connection with your loved ones. Strengthen your household link now with our tips. We have content articles on how you can develop a much better partnership with your loved ones in many ways, like paying quality time with them, communicating more with them, or even tips on family-related issues.

Check out the very best travel locations throughout the country around now. The Traveling area on the AIG Blog site offers your posts on the best way to find the finest-secret gems and exciting places around Malaysia. We have guidelines for you to have a clean and exciting trip with all your family members.

Uncertain should you be doing the correct wellness regimen? Want to find out if you’re getting the correct supplements? AIG has just the right content that you should reside a healthier lifestyle. From finding the right diet to studying the proper way to exercise, you may discover numerous tips about wellness at our blog site.

General, you can get a complete and thorough way of living information with AIG Weblog. Get the best from our content to assist you in boosting your living in all facets. When you’re within a rut regarding your life, best believe that AIG Weblog has the optimal techniques for you. Browse the personal insurance coverage posts now to begin.

MILO®, Malaysians’ Best Preferred

About MILO®

Known as Malaysians’ most adored delicious chocolate malt beverage brand name, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia as a consumed powder made to construct power. Right now, the nutritional facts of MILO® are produced in over 24 industrial facilities worldwide and sold in more than 40 nations; its unique chocolate flavours are adored by many.

MILO® Advantages

A servicing of MILO® can supply you with the vitality you want for your day-to-day regimens. A cupful of MILO® contains 124kcal, which makes up 6% of your power per day. It is also loaded with dairy and a supply of healthy proteins, calcium minerals, and nutritional vitamins to promote productive power discharge.

The Famous MILO® Powder

MILO® is well-known among Malaysians for its powder drink. With just a couple of tablespoons of MILO® powder, you may offer MILO® in many different techniques. Provide your MILO® hot to start the day during breakfast or with ice for stimulating consumption on a hot morning.


MILO® On-the-Go

If you require MILO® instantly, you will find ready-to-drink products for your benefit. Take pleasure in the delightful goodness of MILO anywhere you go in lots of fascinating flavours that make you stay stimulated on the run. Also, you can get MILO® in a pack with MILO® UHT that can go with your food.

Have Breakfast With MILO®

MILO® now offers much different merchandise you could get pleasure from in the morning. Commence every day with Nutri Your morning meal is immediate oatmeal, loaded with the goodness of oats and the delightful preference of traditional banana sections. You can even attempt MILO® With Wholegrain Cereal to include a lot more fibre to the diet.

MILO® Dairy products-Free of charge Alternative

Shoppers of dairy products-totally free products can still take pleasure in the benefits and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy Free of charge Almond is reduced in excess fat and an excellent source of plant-dependent proteins. MILO® Dairy Free of charge is perfect if you’re lactose intolerant or getting excited about a vegetation-dependent diet regime.

Healthier Way of life With MILO®

MILO® always motivates Malaysians to include wholesome lifestyles in their lives. MILO® has actions and promotions for folks of any age to participate in initiatives to be more productive. You can find activities like sports activities workshops for youths, backyard events, plus more.

Why Select MILO®?

MILO® is a massive selection in several Malaysian homes due to its various flavours and nutritional ideals. The brand’s many goods can be coupled with meals and match your eating preferences. Nutritional facts of MILO® also aim to help make Malaysia more healthy with their initiatives.

Comprehensive Insurance With AIG Malaysia

Be Equipped For Uncertainties With AIG Malaysia

There’s always a risk that people may face doubtful threats in your lifestyles. Consequently, it’s best we get ourselves protected by investing in an excellent insurance plan. A superb insurance claim strategy gives fiscal protection if any regrettable incidents arise, and AIG Malaysia is here to offer you an array of plans that meet your requirements.

What AIG Malaysia Offers

Consider AIG Malaysia if you’re trying to enrol in a long protection program. Some programs cover an array of features, so you can get almost everything you require in just one stop on this page. Get all the insurance coverage you need with AIG from your trips, vehicle, transport, and on your own in case of any crashes.

Travel Insurance From AIG

Sometimes, our vacation plans might be disrupted by unpredicted incidents such as physical traumas, disasters and much more. AIG Travel Insurance supplies up to RM1 million insurance for health-related expenses should you suffer from health-related complications throughout your vacation. Following current conditions, the plan provides as much as RM700,000 for COVID-19 related incidents.

AIG Malaysia

Secure Your Own Home With AIG Property Insurance

Give guarantee to your house, and it’s happy with AIG. AIG Property Insurance could get your own home all-comprehensive safety, and also, this involves your possessions wherever these are. In virtually any undesired circumstance where your house is temporarily unlivable, such as flash flood, thievery, or flame, this plan offers you substitute holiday accommodation expenditures.

Avoid Weighty Loss And Financial obligations With AIG Automobile Insurance

Driving a vehicle in Malaysia can show anyone the potential risk of theft, blaze and incidents. Safeguard your car or truck with AIG Car Insurance which offers insurance coverage for any vehicle damage due to the previously mentioned situations. In addition, the master plan also shields you from taking on heavy financial obligations by covering the damage of other vehicles involved in an automobile accident with you.

Personal Incident Insurance

Whether or not it’s medical expenses, monthly bills, or higher, AIG Personal Accident Insurance gives a thorough safety preparation that develops along. Get defence programs that cater to you as a person and your family when you grow. This insurance can also be designed for your benefit, as possible, register on the internet or personally using one of AIG’s friendly agencies.

The Reasons You Will need an Insurance plan

A comprehensive safety plan may remove all of the problems you possess about the uncertainties in everyday life. With insurance, you can offer a protection net for your finances–without one, you can expect to chance losing money to protect against any ailments or accidents that may take place. You can also watch the ones you cherish in the event they face any misfortune.

AIG Insurance Plans For Extensive Protection

Choosing a perfect insurance strategy might be challenging help make with the number of products in the market. AIG is a position where you can obtain an array of considerable insurance ideas for several factors in your life. Get yourself an individual, travelling, or car insurance claim strategy, all at AIG. Check out for additional information.