RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Related Services

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RHB Bank Ready to Take control of the Foreign and Local Financial Markets

As one speaks of RHB, we know that they are now amongst the 5 top banks in Malaysia. Comprehending the potential of foreign markets with the SEA region, they have expanded their horizon and entered Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and many other countries. Feeling the necessity to provide more value, RHB Bank has started to present many varieties of financial services to companies and individuals such as the current account.

The most staple form of services a financial institution provides invariably is the deposit account and self-banking services. RHB attracts the general public to set-up savings as well as a current account by giving above-average interest rates to be enjoyed by customers. For the most convenient to withdraw and deposit money into the account, customers may easily locate and use the nearby CDM & ATMs deployed in branches along with other locations easily.

As the Bank sees the shift of trend from the traditional purchasing method by cash to online purchasing, they discovered that there’s also an elevating market demand for credit cards. Dependent on the results from research conducted that implies the public’s increasing acceptance towards online payment, it truly is indisputable that offering credit card service is considered among the main approach RHB Bank ought to be pushing forward-and they did just that.


What’s more, as RHB Bank sees the immediate need to come up with a good sense of balance between supply and demand, they now have developed a credit card scheme which offers special reward to the card holders which could be enjoyed as they quite simply utilize it for either offline or online transactions.

Despite this, the Bank recognizes that banking is more than just about credit cards and savings. These days, almost everyone will turn to loans to purchase assets, but getting loans approved is often a complicated process. So, RHB Bank had created a flexible scheme for the general public with a minimal interest rate for lots of different varieties of loans. Besides, personal financial investment, unit trust, and insurance coverage services are also being offered.

For businesses and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are additionally made available. They’re able to take a business loan or simply engage with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Desiring to be sure that their services are the best, RHB additionally offered online cash management and asset management services.

SMEs can utilize the plenty of services offered by RHB Bank, especially when it involves taking loans to help increase cash flow and further buildup the business. RHB Group also has begun innovating by providing retail solutions to customers who need it, most notably e-commerce players.

Nonetheless, RHB Bank still keeps its focus on the highly-demanded Islamic banking facilities. Such types of services are especially demanded in countries like Malaysia. So, they have offered Islamic corporate banking, Islamic treasury, unit trust, and wealth management that is available upon demand by either individuals or enterprises.

In 2016, RHB Bank experienced a 24% annual brand value growth, making them one of the five top players in Malaysia. Knowing the full potential of the future financial market, RHB Bank is ready with more aggressive strategies on the current account in ensuring a consistent increase of growth through the next several years.

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