RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Many Other Services

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RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Related Products

Speaking of RHB Group, we know that they are now within the leading banks in Malaysia. Comprehending the potential of foreign markets with SEA, they’ve expanded their horizon and entered Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and several other countries. Feeling the need to provide additional value, RHB Bank initiated a policy to present many types of financial services to businesses and individuals.

One of the most staple types of services a Bank can offer always has been the cover account and self-banking services. RHB Group attracts the public to set-up savings and also current accounts by giving a higher than average interest rates to be enjoyed by members. For maximal ease to withdraw and deposit money into the account, account holders could easily locate and use the nearby ATM & CDM machines deployed in branches and various other locations easily.

RHB Bank knows that more people make purchases online in comparison to using cash nowadays. According to the data collected, it is found that more web users would prefer to buy things by making use of credit cards. Due to this fact, the Bank makes it a priority to serve potential customers better by offering credit card facilities with exceptional rewards. Smart customers who compare credit cards very carefully know that RHB’s interest rate is some of the lowest.


Knowing there is an urgent need to close the gap between supply and demand, the Bank took a further leap forward to provide a value-added credit card scheme that gives cashback and lots of other benefits the account holder can enjoy as they go along the way.

Yet, the Bank realizes that consumer banking goes beyond credit cards and savings. These days, a lot of people depend upon loans to make asset purchases, however, getting a loan approval could possibly be a frustrating process. So, RHB Bank had made a flexible scheme for the public with a minimum interest rate for numerous different types of loans. Furthermore, personal financial investment, unit trust, as well as insurance services are also offered.

Shifting the main target to corporate customers, RHB Bank is furthermore offering corporate banking solutions to entrepreneurs and organizations. These target customers are welcomed to obtain loans and register for the other offerings, which include asset management and cash management services.

Small-medium enterprises can definitely utilize the plenty of services offered by RHB Bank, particularly when it comes to taking loans to elevate cash flow and further develop the business. RHB Group also has begun innovating by providing retail solutions to customers who need it, which include e-commerce players.

Nonetheless, the demand for Islamic banking facilities hasn’t ever been overlooked, specifically when there’s popular demand for Syariah-compliant products within the Malaysian market. That is why, the Bank makes certain that products that satisfy the Syariah requirement, for instance, Islamic wealth management services, Islamic treasury, corporate banking, and unit trust are made available.

RHB Bank has witnessed a 24% annual brand value growth in 2016 which automatically places them in the top 5 positions for banks in the nation. In anticipation of the upcoming market growth, the Bank has started strategizing a more proactive approach to keep its growth rate steady for years to come.

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